JunSix is all about the bars and the flow and creating fun and engaging music. Self-described as a "dorky Christian rapper from Nobodyville", he's released 5 studio albums between 2009 and 2020 and has opened for artists like Jered Sanders and 1K Phew. 

As a believer in Christ Jesus, a religious argument with the head of his former label led him to encourage JunSix to record his first official Christian Hip-Hop album, “But Nobody's Listening” which was released in 2008. This album featured underground and mainstream hip-hop tracks and spoken word focused on his life in Christ Jesus and his dissolution with the current state of hip-hop.

After moving on to release music on his own imprint Junnybaby Music, JunSix proceeded to move closer and closer to making the music he wanted to make. His second album, “Operation Brainwash”, released in 2011 increased his fan base even more with more radio-friendly tunes. JunSix flirted with autotune and dabbled in space-age sounds while speaking positive thought-provoking lyrics. 

His third album, “The Art of Smiling”, released in 2016 pushed the envelope further as he added EDM, drum and bass and west coast ratchet vibes. This album found JunSix cementing his signature sound and set the stage for his current album “SuperFun” which was released in April of 2018. "SuperFun" featured rock-infused records such as "Beauty", the motivational EDM song "My Life Zone" and the Dr. Dre inspired "Gotta Be". The album is a diverse collection of records that promote positive fun, displays lyrical skill and spawned the Christian anthem, "iLuvBNaChristian".

JunSix recently released his most successful album to date, "Bghro6" on April 10th, 2020. The song featured his biggest hit (so far) "Take My Time" produced by The Ambiance, which hit 75,000 streams on Spotify. The set featured JunSix going for a more emo trap style and really defining his sound. He quickly went back in the studio to record the emotional and timely project, "Origin Story: The Mixtape", due to be released on November 20th, featuring the lead singles, "B.I.D." produced by Ambiance, "Memoirs" produced by Prodbysamplez and the underdog anthem "DO IT LIKE DONCIC"
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