Just a Kid from NobodyVille

As a believer in Christ Jesus, a religious discussion with the head of his former label led him to encourage JunSix to record his first official Christian Hip-Hop album, “But Nobody's Listening” which was released in 2008. Since then, he went on to independently release 7 more studio albums including "Bghro6" which featured his most successful song, "Take My Time". This song reached 79,000 streams.

JunSix is all about the bars and the flow and creating fun and engaging music. Self-described as a "dorky Christian rapper from Nobodyville", JunSix has opened for artists like Bizzle and 1K Phew.

His latest album, "Sheepovergoats" features songs about managing the internal struggle of the follower of God versus following self. He's currently working on album 9 which is led by the release of "The Braindrain Mixtape 2", available only on SoundCloud.  
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